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Shenzhen Gangfeng Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. is specialized in LED display R & D, production and sales as one of the best solutions to global suppliers. Our main products are LED display rental Stage series, the series of indoor and outdoor advertising screen, high-definition small spacing series, sports stadium screen series, LED shaped screen advertising and other products.
   The company has a large number of high-quality LED display professional and technical personnel to join and the introduction of modern advanced production equipment and testing equipment, the full implementation of strict ISO9001 9002 quality management system, and strive to make each piece displays have become boutique. The development and production of a variety of indoor and outdoor full color display, technology reached the international advanced level.
Harbor scenery of electricity, has been re-quality, re-learning, re-qualified personnel, heavy science, heavy service. We have a strong team of rapid development to this day, have been the community and the support of new and old customers recognition. Relying on its strong strength together internationally renowned enterprises Japan, Asia, the United States CREE, Taiwan wafer, LED display raw material suppliers, vendors, strategic alliance partners, the full realization of the modern enterprise resource sharing, division of labor, complementarity and efficient operation of spirit. At present, the company leading products LED display, has been widely used in airports, railway stations, ports, stadiums, banks, schools, factories, post offices, shopping malls, hospitals, industry and commerce, taxation, customs, monitoring centers and advertising and entertainment industries. Products are exported to the United States, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran, Egypt, Australia, India, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and all over the country.
All along, the harbor scenery power LED large screen because a good brand image, excellent product quality, extensive product line and cost characteristics, widely recognized by the global market and acceptance, has been all over the country more than 30 provinces, municipalities, autonomous region. On the road ahead, Hong Kong scenery electrical technology still in the market at home and abroad continue to expand into Hong Kong Science and Technology scenery firmly with concrete actions to fulfill the wonderful creation of the world, sacred fortunate to enjoy a better future corporate mission.
Companies with strong faith, professional technology, reliable quality, excellent service, excellent products available to users. The company a clear market positioning, technology innovation, management ideas with international standards. Harbor scenery Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to creating a higher bid letter to customers around the world, a brand of LED electronic products, to become the LED display industry leader.

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